Our Services

What We Do

IC provides ongoing instructional support to college and university partners using Academic Coaches, Teaching Assistants, Instructional Assistants, or Adjunct Faculty as needed. This support includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Recruit qualified candidates to the University for consideration.

  • Provide appropriate instructional support to faculty members.  

  • Work closely with administration and faculty to increase retention and completion rates.

  • Provide official transcripts and other documentation needed for accreditation purposes.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the IC employee after a course completed.

  • Provide the requested service at an affordable price point. 

Focusing on the Roles and Responsibilities of an Academic Coach

Each IC employee is a highly qualified, experienced professional in the appropriate academic discipline and has earned a master’s and/or a doctoral degree from an accredited university. These IC employees possess the academic credentials and experiences to become an immediate asset.  Their goals will be completely aligned with institutional priorities.  Under the leadership and direction of the faculty, these coaches can grade assignments, manage discussion threads, handle announcements, and manage the day to day issues if desired.

When Enrollments Grow

An Academic Coach focuses on enhancing student success and program retention. The coaching model adds the “human” touch to an online environment.  Once an academic program begins to mature and enrollments grow, many universities will identify a Coordinating Academic Coach who serves as the point of primary contact between the professor and other academic coaches. 

Recruiting, Employing, Training and Assigning Academic Coaches

The institution will identify the academic credentials required for the program area.  Based on this information, IC employs a variety of recruitment strategies depending on the academic area being represented.  Each applicant is reviewed to match the qualifications to the program. A routine criminal background check is performed on all potential candidates as a precautionary step.  Each candidate commits to a 4-6 hours online screening program. Topics include working with a variety of Leaning Management Systems, basic principles of effective online education, and the roles and expectations of an Academic Coach. 

Ensuring Faculty Control

The Faculty assigned to teach the online course provides clear expectations to the Coach.  Everything from grading assignments to providing instructional assistance is decided by the faculty.  Not surprising, regularly scheduled communications contribute highly to a successful relationship for all involved.  

 The Commitment to Quality Assurance

Instructional Connection’s quality assurance program is consistent with University’s commitment to provide a high quality educational experience. At the end of each course, IC solicits feedback on the Coaches assigned.  In those rare occasions when a problem arises, IC will investigate and take appropriate action immediately.